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probation (n.) period of testing a new employee试用(期);见习(期)

[例] The newly recruited employees are still in probation.

[同义词] trial, apprenticeship

process (n.) system(s) used to manufacture products工艺,程序

[例] Embroidering is a slow process.

procure (v.) to buy获得,购买

procurement (n.) activity of buying获得,购买的行为

[例] The procurement of that antique cost us a lot of money.

produce (n.)farm products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables农产品

[例] Fresh produce exporting needs fast delivery.

product life cycle (n.) period of time from the introduction of a new product into the marketplace until its decline and withdrawal产品寿命周期

product mix (n.) group of individual product types and the volumes produced that represent the total production volume一个企业出售的各类产品, 产品组合, 一种产品的不同型式,考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

[例] Usually an individual has several product mixes in order to maximize his satisfaction.

production cycle (n.) time needed to produce an item 生产周期

[例] That product has a long production cycle.

productive (adj.) producing well or much多产的

[例] There is also a general feeling that employees whose health, safety and welfare are well looked after by the employer will be more productive.

[同义词] fertile, rich, fruitful

productivity (n.) output rate per worker or per machine生产力

[例] Innovations have been and are being made to increase productivity.

profile (n.)1.characteristics of something简介

[例] You can look through the profiles of the applicants in this book.


[例] Untill recently, Senator Cliton had maintained a fairly low profile in Washington but she is now being identified as the most likely opponent to the Republican challenger

profit (n.) money gained from doing business利润

[例] We gain profit from the experience.

operating profit (n.) profits from normal trading of a company营业利润

profit and loss account (n.) accounts showing income and expenditure损益帐户

[例] Income statement belongs to profit and loss account because it can show us income and expenditure.

press [ pres ] (n.) newspapers and magazines新闻媒介

[例] Using press to advertise is an effective method to enlarge the influence of the brand.

market price price which people are willing to pay 市场价

retail price price paid by final customer零售价

[例] Actually the retail price is reasonably set for our end users.

profit (n.) money gained from doing business利润

[例] In this report, the proposed plan to build a supermarket in that densely populated area can bring immeasurable profits.

operating profit profits from normal trading of a company营业利润

profitability (n.) ability to make a profit盈利能力

profitable (adj.) which makes a profit有利可图的

[例] I will not do that business unless it is profitable.

[同义词] lucrative, paying, remunerative

project (n.) plan方案

[例] The project sounds fascinating but infeasible.

projected (adj.) planned/forecast计划/预测的

promote (v.) 1. give someone a better job晋升

[例] Up to now we’ve promoted the analyst/programmers to junior project leaders.

2. advertise 促销

promotion (n.) 1. act of giving someone a better job晋升

[例] He got a promotion for the high sales volume this month.

2. all means of communicating a message about a product or service促销

[例] The failure of the new product promotion lies in the business secrets release by someone.

proprietor (n.) one who owns or owns and manages a business or other such establishment.所有者,经营者

[例] The proprietor’s son will take over when Mr. Richards retires in two years.

[同义词] owner, possessor, holder

prospective (adj.) likely to become or be 潜在的

[例] our prospective customers

[同义词] future, coming, approaching

prospectus (n.) 1. sales document which tries to convince the customer, usually using a serious approach广告宣传资料

[例] Would you please revise the draft of this important prospectus in a more convincing tone?

2. document issued by a company offering shares for sale招股说明书

prototype (n.) first model of a new product原型

[例] The prototype of the car will be exhibited in a grand show this spring.

[同义词] original, archetype

provisionally (adj.) temporarily 临时地

[例] I have provisionally booked Room W72 for Wednesday morning.

public sector nationalized industries国有企业

publication (n.) thing which has been published, such as a book, magazine出版,出版物

[例] The publication of this magazine proves the victory of the left-wing party.

publicity (n.) the process of attracting the attention of the general public to products or services宣传推广

[例] We need generous samples for the sake of publicity.

publics (n.) group of people categorized for PR purposes公众

[例] We believe this material will appeal to the general publics.

punctual (adj.) on time准时的

[例] Be punctual or you will be embarrassed before the senior managers


purchase [ 5pE:tFEs ]1. (n.) something which has been bought购买

[例] It will be cheaper to make a quantity purchase.

2. (v.) buy购买

purchaser [ 5pE:tFEsE ] (n.) person who buys for a company采购员


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