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passbook (n) a book held by a depositor in which his or her deposits and withdrawals are recorded by the bank [同义词]bankbook

parent company (n.) company which owns more than 50% of the shares of another company母公司

[例] The parent company of the complex organization is located in the US.

part-time (adj.) working for only part of the working day兼职的

[例] Part-time employees now have to be nationally insured on exactly the same basis as full-time employees.

participate (v.) take part in参与

[例] The workshop will be run again next month, so you’ll have an opportunity to participate.

participation (n.)activity of taking part in 参与

partnership (n.) business where two or more people share risks and profits合伙经营

[例] They are partnership so that they can share the risks and the profits.

patent (n.) official registration of a new invention专利

[例] This patent right is valid for 5 years.

pay-day (n) the day on which employees' salaries or wages are paid发薪日

[例] Oh, I have to wait another week till the pay-day----I can not make ends meet!

pay package (n.) all the elements in pay, i.e. basic pay, overtime, bonus, non-financial benefits综合工资

[例] Pay package includes all the elements in pay.

pay packet (n.) wage, often in cash(附工资及工资单的)工资袋,工资。考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

[例] I’d like to get pay packet every week.

take-home pay salary after deductions including tax净收入

payroll1.(n.) all employees employed by a company职工名册

2. (n.) the wage bill of a company薪金名册

[例] His name didn’t appear in the payroll.

peak (n.) highest point顶峰

[例] His business career has reached the peak.

[同义词] top, summit, pinnacle

pending (adj) not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation 代定的

[例] The project of the merger till now is still pending and is supposed to reach an agreement next month.

penetrate (v.) get into a market(进入)市场

[例] Nowadays the sales advertising penetrates all aspects of the customers’ life.

penetration (n.) percentage of a target market that you reach进入市场

pension (n.) amount of money paid regularly after a person stops work, either because of or age or illness养老金

[例] Is £140 per week, plus a pension, better than £200 per week without?

[同义词] annuity

perform (v.) do well or badly表现

[例] Sometimes employees don’t perform at the required standard because they don’t know what the standard is.

performance (n.) action of doing something well or badly表现

[例] In the final analysis workers should feel that any criticisms made of their performance were fair and justified.

performance appraisal (n.) procedure for evaluating a person’s work based on how well or badly they have done their work绩效评价

[例] At the end of each year, they all have performance appraisals.

performance-related pay (n) pay given to employee according to his or her real performance in the job与业绩挂钩的发薪法

[例] It is fair to adopt a system of performance-related pay which will undoubtedly motivate our men.

periodical (n.) a publication issued at regular intervals of more than one day期刊

[例] company periodicals

[同义词] journal, magazine

perishables (n) something, especially foodstuff, subject to decay or spoilage 易腐食品

[例] Milk and fresh fruits are perishables , so it is better to sell them on local market.

perk [ pE:k ] (n.) benefit given to a worker by his company in addition to salary - company car, private health insurance, etc额外津贴.

[例] The year-end perk does excite all the staff.

personnel (n.) people employed by a company员工

[例] Personnel management is directed mainly at the organization’s employees.

petty cash (n.) small amount of notes and coins available in an office to pay for small items零用现金

[例] Your company can withdraw no more than 10,000 USD monthly as petty cash from the bank.

phase out (n.) stop slowly or in controlled stages逐步停止或控制

[例] We have phased out perks at managerial level because they aren’t appropriate.

photocopier (n.)Xerox machine 复印机

pick [ pik ] (v.) to withdraw from stock the components needed for production or withdraw the finished products for shipment to the customer提取,收回

[例] He picked the finished products for shipment the day before yesterday.


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